• Thinking about canceling your account?

    Obviously, the last thing we want any of our customers to do is cancel one of their accounts because of any problems you might have encountered. If you've come to this page because you are still looking for resolution to a problem or question, we have a special support team that is at your disposal:

  • Looking for a lower price?

    Are you canceling because you are looking to pay a lower price/more features on your account, please contact one of our senior sales staff to discuss the issue, we will work with you to find a suitable solution for you call 1-877-876-4678 or contact our Sales Dept.

  • Backup Your Information, and Retrieve Your E-mail First

    Be sure you have backups of all your account information before you issue your cancellation request. We are not responsible for any of your web hosting account information after you notify us to cancel your account. This information includes but is not limited to your Website and any email left on your account.

  • If you wish to continue with your cancellation please login to your client management area at http://manage.supernova.net/clientarea.php and select your hosting package, view details, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Request Cancellation"